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About this Mask

I usually go by Fluffy Mask, but there are a number of adjectives that could be added instead.

I'm a janitor on — the premier imageboard for Touhou and Touhou literature — as well as semi-active moderator for its related Discord and Matrix communities. I'm also technically a writer on the site, but things have been pretty difficult as of late, and my output is not spectacular. I'm trying to remedy that, but it's hard.

My primary interests are Touhou, FLOSS, the capital-I Internet in general, thinking about how the world could be different, history (chiefly Japanese, but not exclusively), porn, literature, and staving off a nervous breakdown in the face of less than ideal circumstances. Chances are, I may not talk much about any of those subjects beyond Touhou, considering I hardly know enough to have opinions of any sort, much less be able to say anything of any worth. Most of the time, I'm talking about THP stuff because it takes up the majority of my time and energy.

I'm an old man with a lot of general dissatisfaction with the world and a touch of mental illness. Just be forewarned that I'm ranty and prone to getting maudlin or angry depending on the day. If there's anything that particularly triggers you, maybe don't read anything I write. Including this About page.

I hate this page but can't really do much better right now. Maybe I'll improve it someday.